Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Road Biking for Women Cyclists: A Beginner's Checklist for Cycling Kits from Jelenew

Road Biking for Women Cyclists: A Beginner's Checklist for Cycling Kits from Jelenew

Jelenew's Pinnacle Bib Shorts

Jelenew's Glider Short Sleeve Pro Jersey

Jelenew's Avant Sleeveless Mesh Base Layer

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / -- Finding the essentials in the vast array of road cycling gear can be challenging for beginners. Jelenew, a women's cycling clothing brand dedicated to promoting women's cycling around the world, has compiled a

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Publisher Plans Second Printing: Moe Fields – The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons

A Boxer who Became a Father

After New Jersey Author wins 2022 National Literary Award for Memoirs

“This is a powerful book. It asks the most basic questions about being a father." Moe Fields is a compelling story about what binds us together, not what divides us - family, faith & legacy.”
— Donald H. Harrison, Jewish World magazine's 40+ year Editor

MONROE TWP, NJ, USA, January 10, 2023 / -- Pen Paper Press (PPP) today announced plans to proceed with a second printing of Stuart Z Goldstein’s (NJ) award winning book, Moe Fields – the special bond between fathers and sons.

The demand for this dramatic & compelling

Monday, January 9, 2023

nTeligence Leapfrogs ChatGPT With The VoiceBot 3000 System

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023 / -- nTeligence Corporation has incorporated a state of the art, Generative Pre-Trained (GPT) model, directly into their VoiceBot 3000 product offering. To draw on an analogy from the pharmaceutical industry, this model is the “generic equivalent” of the similarly sized GPT-3 model built by OpenAI and having about the same number of parameters and comparable performance. nTeligence will fine-tune the model in-house, using data supplied by

Experience the Unmatched Energy of Trap Metal Hip Hop Like Never Before – 4HEES Drops New Album ‘Killing Spree’



Showcasing his artistic brilliance and unique production, 4HEES’ new album is an unforgettable journey through the realm of death trap and horrorcore

SAYREVILLE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023 / -- A glorious amalgamation of all the darkest genres, 4HEES’ newest album, “Killing Spree” is a dream come true for fans of dark core music. With a nihilistic and genre-bending approach, this album is a strategic fusion of deathcore, dark-trap, gangster-rap, nu-metal, and horrorcore.

A potentially trend-setting release, “Killing Spree” provides listeners with the

Princeton Plumbing Pros Offers $100 Off Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs


Plumbing repair in Princeton, NJ

Plumbing repair for a leaking sink in Princeton, NJ

Princeton Plumbing Pros is proud to announce its latest money-saving initiative for customers, offering them $100 off needed plumbing maintenance and repairs.

PRINCETON, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023 / -- Just in time for the new year, the crew at Princeton Plumbing Pros is proud to announce that customers can save $100 on needed plumbing repair and maintenance services by calling their crew. “We know rising costs have put

Friday, January 6, 2023


PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2023 / -- nTeligence Corporation has unveiled the VoiceBot 3000 platform, a dedicated AI appliance upon which to build and deploy smart, personable, lifelike, customer focused, digital software agents. That you can talk to on the phone from anywhere in the world. The monetary cost of talking to a digital software agent running on the VoiceBot 3000 platform, is a mere fraction of what it would be to interact with a person. The appliance is self-contained, and seamlessly integrates both a feature rich digital PBX, as well as a state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) development environment. It can be used effectively across all industries. There are compelling business use cases in such diverse areas as

Monday, January 2, 2023


Storytellers come to life with LNH Studios' new audiobook

RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2023 / -- LNH Studios' latest project, “Long Tales, Short Tales” , is a fictional short story series featuring a variety of genres. These stories are by a group of writers with unique voices from around the nation. Each story is

Road Biking for Women Cyclists: A Beginner's Checklist for Cycling Kits from Jelenew

Road Biking for Women Cyclists: A Beginner's Checklist for Cycling Kits from Jelenew Jelenew's Pinnacle Bib Shorts Jelenew's Gli...